Monday, 23 November 2015

November 23rd 2015 Day 4

     - Verb quizzes as not yet mark I apologize. This Thursday (Grammar Day) students will be given their test back, they will be allowed to go and correct all the mistakes that are not corrected for them already. If they properly correct the mistake they will be given 0.5 extra per correct correction. This will then be added to their test make and then entered into PowerSchool after.
     - Today we took our first reading strategy and used it while reading an article in our text book Littératie en action. Today we visualized as we were reading to help us create pictures in our heads in order to better understand the text.

Études Sociales 7F 
      Today we listened to the story of the Béothuk nation. The nation that was completely wiped out because of the British fisherman's violence as well as the disease that they brought over to the New Worlds. We also talked about how Halifax was created and why the English now had land in the once thriving Colony of Acadia.

   Students continued to work on their Weather Projects. These projects are due on December 2nd 2015 we will be presenting them that day!. Students had 80 minutes today and they have another 80 minutes on Monday November 30th 2015 to complete their projects.
Social Studies 7H
    Today we discussed the Origins of The Hudson's Bay company in detail. We learnt how the French and English battled for control over the Fort that were built on the Bay. In the end the English were allowed to keep this territory thanks to the Treaty of Utrecht that was signed in Europe.
     We then discussed the how the French were sneaky and cut off the Fur supply  of the English by travelling, down the rivers to meet the First Nations that were on their way to trade with the English.  Tomorrow we will be discussing how this irritated the English and led to them sending out their own explorers to find new lands and new First Nations to trade with out WEST.

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