Wednesday, 16 December 2015

December 16th 2015 Day 2

Important Dates:
- Me to We is having a bake sale tomorrow at 12:11 Everything for 1$
- Friday December 18th 2015 = ACTIVITY DAY!! 

Social Studies 7H
       Students continued to work on their projects. Tomorrow we will take a break and have a Christmas treat! Project are due on January 11th 2016.

Études Sociales 7F 
     Students had 2 classes to work on their projects many made great progress on the videos. Keep it up! Project is due on January 11th 2016.

  Today in our first block we practiced our verbs on the website During the second block we wrote the ER and IR verb test.

    Today as a treat we watched the Winter movie of Narnia in French!

Études Sociales 9F
    Today was the last study period for the test that will take place tomorrow morning.

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