Friday, 12 February 2016

February 12th 2016 Day 1

Études Sociales 9F
  Today we watched a video about immigration and the struggles it can cause for immigrant families.  Students were then asked to complete paged 13 to the top of 16 in their workbooks using their text books.

Over the long weekend students are expected to do one assignment. This assignment has been designed to not need any technology. The assignment can be found on page 16 of their workbook, and must be handed in on a lined piece of paper, hand written and double spaced.

The following dates are upcoming assignments (some not explained yet) and due dates: 
-Caricature Analyse ( No technology to be used) --- Tuesday February 16th 2016 
- Brochure assignment / chapter 5 Project---- Monday February 22nd 2016 
- Chapter 5 Test                                       ---- Wednesday February 24th 2016 

Today we had our first chapter quiz. We then read chapter 3 and answered the questions. Students are asked to complete the chapter 3 vocabulary for homework.

Social Studies 7H 
Today we worked on a graphing activity. Students were asked to graph the changes in population in the British North American colonies from the years 1806 to 1851. This is to be completed for homework if it was not finished in class.

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