Tuesday, 23 February 2016

February 23rd 2016 Day 1

Études Sociales 9F
Today I went over some important review aspects for their test tomorrow.

Students then spent the rest of the double studying for their Test that is Scheduled for Tomorrow February 24th 2016. 
Here is the link for the Chapter 5 Review Key !! 

Today we wrote the chapter 3/4 quiz. We then proceeded to read chapter 5 together as a class. We were unable to finish the chapter today we will continue this chapter tomorrow.

Film studies 8
Today we finished off Snow White and started to watch a Live Action film that really shows the introduction of Color: The Wizard of OZ!

Social Studies 7H
 Today was the last class to work on their comic strip projects. These are due tomorrow morning. 

Here are some important upcoming dates: 
- Comic Strip Due February 24th 2016.
- Chapter 6 Study periods Feb 24th & Feb 25th (x2) 
- Chapter 6 TEST  Friday Feb 26th 2016 

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