Tuesday, 2 February 2016

February 2nd 2016 Day 1

YAY Midterms are over!!!!  Good Job everyone you survived! 


Études Sociales 9F
   Great job to all students on a successful Social 9 Midterm. I was very proud of all of you!

      Today we started Chapter 5. This chapter is all about Canada`s immigration policy's. We started off the class by looking at the difference between immigrants and refugees. We continued working on some very useful vocabulary, that will be used through out the chapter.   Students are asked to finish page 6 in the workbook for tomorrow. This page discusses the Law on Immigration and protection of Refugees. We will be looking into this law in depths this chapter.

FLA 7F (double)
 Great Job to all students on a successful FLA 7 Midterm I was very proud of all of you!

   Today we started our second Novel study of the Year. This Novel is Called ``Enfants de la Rébellion`` and discussed the Rebellion in Lower Canada in 1837-1838. This corresponds perfectly with chapter 6 of the Social Studies 7 Curriculum that we will be starting tomorrow.

 Our first activity was to walk around the class and strike up a conversation ( in French of Course) with different partners with the help of the quotes ( from the all chapters of the Novel)  that I handed out. These quotes were used to spark the Students imagination and predicting skills to see if they could guess what the Novel is going to be about.

Students were then given some time after a class discussion to work on a title page for this Novel Study. I have asked that this be completed for homework for tomorrow!

We then dove into the book and read chapter 1. We will continue with a discussion and the chapter questions tomorrow. A lot of the assignments for this unit will be on the computer, so those that have tablets and or computers that can be brought to school please do so!

Film 8 
     Today was our last class! :( All marks will be posted with in the week. Have a great rest of the year in your new options!!

Social Studies 7H
       Good job to all students on completing the Social 7 Midterm! It was difficult and I am proud of the results.

Today we started Chapter 6 - Becoming Canada. We discussed what Identity is. We also talked a little about the American revolution. We will continue this tomorrow. *** Students Please remember to be prepared with all materials needed for class: Textbook, Workbook, Pencil. Please also be reminded that it is great to have comments about what we are discussing but our hand need to be up in order to respectfully make that comment. ****  

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