Wednesday, 24 February 2016

February 24th 2016 Day 2

Happy PINK SHIRT day!! Great to see so many of my students wearing PINK today!

Social Studies 7H
Today was the due date for the Comic Strip project. Students that did not hand it in are expected to have it finished by the morning and hand it in. I handed out a vocabulary review during our class that is to be done for homework (we missed our fully class for the Term 2 Assembly). We will go over and correct this review tomorrow.

CHAPTER 6 TEST: Friday February 26th 2016

Études Sociales 7F
 Today we missed a portion of our class due to the term 2 assembly. Students had time to finish the final questions in the Chapter 6 workbook. I explained the Chapter 6 projects and students will start work on it on Friday in Class.

Project Due Date: March 1st 2016
Chapter 6 Test Date: March 3rd 2016

Today we finished off chapter 5! Students then had time to completed the chapter 5 questions. These are due tomorrow if they were not finished in class. We will be working on the chapter 5 vocabulary together on Friday.

Chapter 5 Quiz Date: March 1st 2016. 

Études Sociales 9F
Students wrote the chapter 5 test today. Marks for all current assignments will be up on PowerSchool as soon as possible.  We will be starting Chapter 6 tomorrow.

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