Monday, 18 September 2017

September 18th 2017 Day 3

Social Studies 7G ( Block 1 & 4 )
- Today in our first block we listened to the creation stories of each of the 3 First Nation groups we will be studying this year. The Mi`kmaq, the Haudenosaunee and the Anishinaabe.  In our second block we looked how these three societies were structured. Students completed an activity on Classroom labeling Anishinaabe clans.

** Don't Forget to Sign up to the Field Trip Next Week**

PE 8EF ( Block 2) 
- Well done to all my PE Girls on the Conroy Classic! Everyone completed in under 19 minutes and and 6 completed the run in less than 12 minutes!
-Today we started our Soccer unit. We will be playing Soccer either inside or outside for the next few weeks.

** Please bring warm clothing for tomorrows block 1 Class**

Études Sociales 7D ( Block 3 )
- Today we finished up our first Vocabulary activity. Tomorrow we will be starting to look at the structure of the first nations groups. We will also listen to each of the First Nation groups Creation Story.

** Don't Forget to Sign up to the Field Trip This Week**

DIY 7 ( Block 6 & 7) 
- Today we changed up the schedule just a bit. Instead of doing the Wax Crayon candles, we did our mug decorating DIY. Students then completed their first blog post, on their school based blog.

Here are some picture from our DIY Class:


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