Thursday, 16 November 2017

November 17th 2017 Day 4

PE 8EF ( Block 1)
- Today we finished our volleyball tournament today. Students marks for this unit will be on Power School in a few days!  We will be in the Fitness Room tomorrow.

Études Sociales 7D (Block 3 & 4)
- Today we started talking about the English Colonies in Atlantic Canada. During our Second block the Students received a presentation. The Fyrefly presentation educated kids on what gender identity is.  I was very impressed with this classes behavior during this presentation they were very respectful and participated well.

Social Studies 9F ( Block 5)
-Today was a study block for our test next Wednesday.  Students are advised to complete the formative assessment questions no later than Sunday night in order to get feedback.

Social Studies 7B ( 6 & 7) 
-Today Students wrote their short Quiz. We then started taking about the English colonies in Atlantic Canada. Marks for the quiz will be up on classroom sometime this week. 7B students need to remember that when the teacher is talking it is important to listen and not talking to their neighbor, there are some classes where students are starting to be come disrespectful.

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