Wednesday, 10 January 2018

January 10th 2018 Day 1

Études Sociales 7D ( Block 1 & 3)
Today in block one students continued making their cheat sheets. This period they were able to compare with their classmates to make sure they had everything they needed. Our second block together students worked on and most completed the open book quiz, using their textbook and cheat sheet. If they did not complete this it is to be finished for homework for tomorrow.

Social Studies 7B ( Block 2)
Today students wrote Open Book quiz for chapter 4. Students who did not complete this were asked to complete it for homework for tomorrow.

PE 8EF ( Block 4 & 5) 
Today we continued working on shooting. We started the first block with bank shots and then worked our way to lay ups during the second block.

DIY 8 ( Block 6 & 7)
Students kept working on their Products. The Craft Sale is coming up quick! It was great to see so many groups creating things today. Still waiting to see if the other groups will step it up.

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