Friday, 12 January 2018

January 12 2018 Day 3

Social Studies 7G ( Block 1 & 4)
- Today we completed the second part of our chapter 5 notes. Students also had time to work on their Board Games. I was very impressed with their work today. It was great to see everyone so engaged!

PE 8EF (Block 2)
Today we played a game called Asteroids, with the boys for Friendly Friday!

Études Sociales 7D (Block 3)
- Today we finished the first part of out notes on Chapter 5. Students were then given some time to start brainstorming their Board Games!

Leadership 7 ( Block 6 & 7)
Today we stared working on the Last of the five practices of Leadership: Encourage the Heart. We also started a Film Study where students are asked to find examples of each of the Five Practices that we have studied this year.

Have a great weekend!!!

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