Wednesday, 24 January 2018

January 24th 2018 Day 5

Études Sociales 9F ( Block 1 & 8)
- Today students worked on their Formative Assessments. I would like these finished by tomorrow evening, so that I can give them feedback with enough time to study for the upcoming test.

Important Upcoming Dates:
January 22nd: Activity 5 due ( Chapter 4 review)
January 25h: Formative Evaluation Due (end of day)
January 29th: Chapter 3/4 Test

PE 8EF ( Block 2)
Today was our fitness room day. Tomorrow we will be in the North Gym.

Social Studies 7G ( Block 3 & 4)
Today students continued to work on their projects. Tomorrow will be the last class before students are expected to test out their games in their groups. Please be prepared with all supplies tomorrow. I am out of Glue and Tape!!

Important upcoming dates: 
January 17th, 19th22nd, 24th, 25th : Work Periods for the Game 
January 29th : Game Testing Day
January 30th : Game Finalization
February 2nd : Game Evaluation Day

Social Studies 7B ( Block 5)
Today was the last scheduled class to work on their games. Friday all groups should be testing to make sure that the games play well.

Important upcoming dates: 
January 18th, 19th, 23rd, 24th : Work Periods for the Game 
January 26th : Game Testing Day
January 29th : Game Finalization Day
February 1st : Game Evaluation Day

DIY 8 ( Block 6 & 7)
Today was our last class to make everything!! Friday we will be having our mock craft sale/ exclusive preview in class! Then it is the Evening Craft Sale for all those that have signed up!

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