Friday, 16 February 2018

February 16th 2018 Day 6

PE 8EF ( Block 1) 
Today we had our Friendly Firday, we played continuous Kickball with the boys class.


Études Sociales 9F (Block 2 & 5) 
Today we watched an episode of CBC's Our Canada. This episode had to do directly with Immigration. We then started looking at our Immigration project. A magazine. This is Due on March 1st 2018.

Social Studies 7G (Block 4)
Today we wrote our first quiz for chapter 6. Marks will be released hopefully by the end of the long weekend.

FLC ( Block 6 & 7)
Today we finished up our Valentine's Day vocabulary activity, Watched the Olympics in French, Played some French games and learnt about the Culture project.

Études Sociales 7D ( Block 8)
Today was a study period for our quiz Period 1 on Tuesday! Study hard this weekend!

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