Friday, 18 March 2016

March 18th 2016 Day 6

Social Studies 7H
Today students wrote the chapter 7 test. They were only allowed 1 period and the lunch hour to finish the test. Most finished in class, while a few took the extra time and finished up.

Études Sociales 7F
Today students were given extra study notes for their upcoming test on Tuesday March 22nd 2016. They were then given time to study with partners.

Students studied for about 10 minutes for the chapter 6/7 quiz. They then wrote the quiz. Marks are already up on PowerSchool!

Études Sociales 9F
Today students were given the opportunity to self evaluate their project that was due today. They were then told to exchange with a partner and work together in a peer evaluation.  Only 9 students were able to take part in this activity.  The other students had not completed their project to have then ready to hand in today. Unfortunately these students were not able to take advantage of the opportunity to correct their mistakes. Hopefully this experience will encourage students to complete their work on time rather then continuously handing projects in late.

Projects are due on Monday March 21st 2016.

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