Monday, 18 April 2016

April 18th 2016 Day 2

Social Studies 7H
Today students had their last class to study for the chapter 8 test. The test was originally scheduled for today, but I move it to tomorrow to give the student one more day to study. They will have 2 periods back to back to complete the test.

Études Sociales 7F
Today we presented our Louis Reil  projects. We then used the rest of the time to study for our chapter 8 test that is coming up on Thursday of this week.

Today we presented our Enfant de la Rébellion projects. Well done to all students the videos were well done!

Études Sociales 9F
We continued to work on our marketing project for chapter 7. From the conversations I have been hearing I am really looking forward to Monday to see how these projects turned out!

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