Tuesday, 1 December 2015

December 1st 2015 Day 3

Important Dates to Remember: 
December 8th 2015 - French Immersion & FSL Cabane à Sucre French cultural activity
December 10th 2015 - Activity Day permission forms are Due. ***No late forms will be accepted****
December 11th 2015 - French Immersion Concert in school gym in the Afternoon
December 18th 2015 - Activity Day

Études Sociales 9F 
    Today we worked on a activity that looked at how the government violated certain right from our charter in certain situations. We looked at how the First Nations were discriminated against based on old treaties, how certain nationality like the Italians, Germans and Ukrainians were treated unjustly because of what was going on during the World Wars.  Students were given two periods to work on this activity, if they did not finish it, they were asked to complete it for homework.

Not so POP POP quiz on Friday!

Social Sutdies 7H
     Today in our double period we studied for our test on Friday. First Period we studied in small groups, and during our second block we played a review game with the whole class.  Tomorrow I will be going through the sticky note activity one on one with each student.

   Today was the students last class to perfect their fashion projects. The red carpet event will be on Friday!

  Today was the students reading period in the library.

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