Friday, 6 November 2015

November 6th 2015 Day 2

Social Studies 7H
    Today we had our Chapter 2 test. Students were asked to stay for a few minutes to finish the test after school if they needed too. ( there was an event at lunch)  I will be giving the students extra time on Monday to finish is as many didn't come after school or had to take the bus.

Études Sociales 7F
     Today we had our Chapter 2 test.

Today we learnt the second part of our conversation and practiced it. Students will be presenting them on Tuesday November 10th 2015.

    Today we practiced our reading comprehension. The first Reading Comprehension package (3) is due on Monday November 8th 2015.

Études Sociales 9F
     As I mentioned to the class yesterday, there was a pop quiz today. This PoP Quiz was a formative assessment to see how comprehension is going during our first part of Chapter 2. Students who were not here yesterday will be writing it on Monday.

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