Thursday, 7 January 2016

January 7th 2015 Day 2

Here are some important dates for January and February:
January 8th 2016 PM - FI Students will be attending a French concert at the Maclab Theater.
January 11th 2016 - Social 7 English and French Projects Due 
January 27th 2016 - FLA Midterms 
January 28th 2016 - Math and LA Midterms
January 29th 2016 - No School for Students ( PD Day) 
February 1st 2016 - Social and Science Midterms 

Social Studies 7H 
  Today we review the work we have been doing for the last few weeks. Tomorrow students will finish Chapter 4 and will complete and a worksheet that will be taken in as a sommative assessment.

Études Sociales  7F
    Today we finished off Chapter 4. We reviewed together and then students were given a worksheet to complete using their textbooks, This was taken in as a sommative assessment.

FSL 7 
  Today I outlines our last 6 classes of FSL. We will be finishing up our Grammar Booklets that will be due on January 25th, Students will be allowed to take them home starting on the 19th to finish them at home if they need to. They will be returned on the 27th. We also started working on their Final Exam/Project. Students are creating their own french Conversation that will the be used with me individually on the final day of Class!.

   Today we used old PATs to Practice our reading comprehension.

Études Sociales 9F 
Today we looked at the numbered treaties from the point of view of the First Nations. Tomorrow we will look at the Government of Canada perspective.

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