Friday, 3 November 2017

November 3rd 2017 Day 3

Social Studies 7G ( Block 1 & 4)
-During our first class together, we learned about mercantilism and the different opinions that groups had of that system during the colonization of North America. Students then got to do a worksheet and draw something to depict those different opinions. In our next block, we completed our worksheet and then worked on a Weekly News, which is due next Thursday, November 9th.

PE 8EF (Block 2)
- Today we combined with the boys for Friendly Friday.

Études Sociales 7D (Block 3)
-We got to begin a new lesson today about the interest that Britain had in colonizing North America. Students were able to take some time to reflect on the different reasons Britain wanted to come here and then explain which reason was most important to them.

DIY 7 ( Block 6 & 7)
- Today was the last student choice class. Next Thursday we will be having a showcase where students form other classes will visiting our class to see all the wonderful DIY that our class has done. Students will also be able to showcase their blogs!

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