Thursday, 9 November 2017

November 9th 2017 Day 6

PE 8EF ( Block 1)
- Today we continued with our volleyball tournament.

Études Sociale 9F ( Block 2 & 5)
- Today was the LAST two periods to work on the LSJPA Project. This assignment is due on Tuesday November 14th. We will be presenting them in class. 

Social Studies 7G ( Block 4) 
- Today we learnt about the 13 colonies that became the USA. Student got the chance to compare the 13 colonies to the colony of New France that they had previously learnt.
- Students were supposed to hand in their Current Weekly News. If they did not please have it ready for tomorrow! 

DIY 7 ( Block 6 & 7)
Today was or last class of DIY. We had a little showcase and then ended off the quarter with a little reward of a movie! I will be posting some pictures over the weekend!

Études Sociales 7D ( Block 8) 
- Today students worked on a review sheet. There will be a quiz on Tuesday, November 14th in Block 8!

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