Thursday, 22 February 2018

February 22nd 2018 Day 3

Social Studies 7G (Block 1 & 4) 
Today students continued to work on the worksheet that was handed out yesterday. They all handed them back in to me at the end of our 2 blocks wven if they were not finished. I will be looking them over, over the weekend and handing them back on Monday to be finished, if they were not done.

PE 8EF (Block 2)
Today we got 3 games of our 5 on 5 basketball tournament in. Tomorrow there will be a sub and the students will be going to the North Gym to play Castle Pool.

Etudes Sociales 7D (Block 3)
Today students started a worksheet. They will continue to work on this tomorrow with my substitute. They will be asked to hand them in to the sub at the end of the double even if they are not finished. I will then look them over and hand them back to be completed in the next class together.

FLC (Block 6 & 7)
Today we for 40 minute on Duolingo. Students then spent the second 40 minutes, starting to create their skits! Just one period into these skits and already I am hearing lots of great ideas! Next day 3 we will start working together to write the skits down in FRENCH, and learn the proper way to say each word!  Next class (Day 6) we will continue working on our Culture project.

Image result for ME to We Wake-a-thon
The ME to WE WAKE-A-THON is back!!! Raise $50 and stay awake all night long at the school on March 16th 2018! If you raise the most money you will be able to pick the color of Hair Dye that Malia Griffiths will use to Dye her Hair! Hurry up and sign up, spots are going fast and we can only accept 50 Students! All money raised will be sent to help feed the School we funded in Kenya  2 years ago! See or email Mme Dockery for more details.

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