Tuesday, 9 January 2018

January 9th 2018 Day 6

PE 8EF ( Block 1 )
- Today we started off our Basketball unit with some shooting. We reviewed the proper form and students got the chance to attempt 5 foul shots and see how many they got in. I wrote these down as we will do this again at the end of the unit to see they improved on their shot.

Études Sociales 9F ( Block 2 & 5) 
- Today we discussed the difference in perspectives that the First Nations and the Canadian government had in regards to the Numbered Treaties. We will be continuing this discussion on Thursday.

Social Studies 7G ( Block 4) 
- Today student wrote the Open Book/ Take home quiz. If students did not finish it is is to be completed for Thursday.

Leadership 7 ( Block 6 & 7) 
- Today we discussed the Fourth practice of Exemplary Leadership. Enabling others to Act. Students analysed Quotes and explained how they relate to the fourth practice in groups using chart paper.
Students who have not completed their Challenge the process assignment are asked to complete it for our next class which is Friday January 12th.

Études Sociales 7D  ( Block 8) 
- Today we reviewed chapter 4 and created a cheat sheet that they will be allowed to use during the open textbook quiz tomorrow.  Students will have another class to work on this tomorrow before starting the quiz in our second block together tomorrow.

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